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10 October 2007 @ 06:12 am
Halo 3:Review  
Campaign is fun, not amazing kinda boring buy your self but good on 4 player co-op, multiplayer is mind blowing though, never had so much fun in a video game in a while stat tracking is a in depth and lots and lots of replay, with forge and video editor, this game would be 8 if it was just single player campaign and thats it but withe the multiplayer its just way to good, this could a stand alone multiplayer game easily. its also quite funny that all the below 8 reviews dont seem to make mention of the multiplayer, get live before u review the game, reveiwing just based on single player is ridiculous its like 10% of the game. The graphics are great but ppl keep saying there dated there not. Just because its called halo it has to have the best graphics on 360 or else its "dated" the graphics are in the top 3 games for 360 for sure.